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David Eibeck

Office: State House Representative District 15
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Anchorage
State: Alaska

David Eibeck was born in Alaska in 1964. Living in Alaska for most of his life, he has spent countless hours enjoying the outdoors. Fishing, hunting, and skiing are among his favorite pastimes.
After graduating from Service High School in 1982, David attended APU, ACC, and UAA. He studied liberal arts and business. He started his own business in 1989: Royal Business Systems, an office equipment sales, and service provider based in Anchorage.
Royal Business Systems became very successful in a highly competitive environment dominated by multi-national conglomerates. David attributes his success in the office equipment industry to his commitment to responsive and courteous customer service. He believes in empowering each individual within his company by giving them the authority to act quickly to fill his customers' needs.
David believes every person enjoys particular gifts and aims to identify those qualities and maximize their effectiveness within the marketplace and beyond. Currently, David is retired and spends most of his time playing hockey and managing business interests.

David's message to District 15

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have become a cliche in America. It has been usurped and turned into a word spell, if you will. However, something significant enough to be counterfeited demands protection. Whose life, liberty, and happiness are at stake here? The individual. Before we can solve the day's issues, there must be a guiding light. Individual rights are the path our founding fathers chose in creating the freest nation in the world. As a state representative for District 15, I will defend individual rights. The temptation and ambition of collective rights at the cost of the individual I will protect against. The day's issues for district 15 are public safety, schools, the economy, PFD, and responsible resource development. Solving these problems effectively depends upon a commitment to individual rights. The United States remains a beacon in the night to the rest of the world, and we can't become a nation of human sacrifice where some promise of success in the future is waiting. As a lifelong Alaskan with 30 plus years of successful business entrepreneurship and recently retired, my commitment is to defend individual rights, creating legislation that empowers and holds accountable all Alaskans equally.
Thirty-plus years of success operating a business within the most demanding and competitive marketplace have taught me to solve problems gracefully and maintain long-term relationships with my customers and employees. Leadership and loyalty: a vision to restore life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for all Alaskans