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Denny Aguayo

Office: United States Representative - Congressman
Party Affiliation: Independent
City: Nikiski
State: Alaska

Well, my uncle is Dennis, so, I am known by Denny to all my friends and family, so please call me Denny. Belle, my wife, went through radiation treatment in Oregon for breast cancer. During her treatment the side effects where horrible. They made her body fell like an inferno. I asked her where she would like to move, without hesitation she said, "Alaska." We gave most our possessions to charities, the rest was moved up. We flew with the tribe of fur babies, no one gets left behind. March 17, 2006 we arrived in Alaska. We ended up staying a week, in Anchorage, then made are way to the Kenai Peninsula, where we purchased our home in Nikiski. Yes, the Alaska cold help greatly with the side effects and cured the inferno.

I myself, am a disabled veteran and retired. Belle's cancer returned, and a double mastectomy's were required.

After this Belle, conveyed to me, "Den, it's time for me to share who you are." "You are a charismatic , candid, approachable family man."