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John Wayne Howe

Office: Governor of Alaska
Party Affiliation:
City: Fairbanks
State: Alaska

John Wayne Howe is a long time Alaskan. John is mostly interested in changing the Nation State of Alaska so that individual Alaskans can have the land, and the money that is rightfully theirs. Historic trails must be available for access by Alaskans, even across the illegal federal parks. John wants to eliminate, not reduce taxes. Government must be funded from the free will of the people. Even when the taxation comes from a vote of the people it is stealing, the only difference is, that those Who voted for the spending are now also guilty. How do we fund government without theft? It may sound as a joke, until you spend a few weeks thinking about it, but the funding Must come from individuals voluntarily giving. This is the only way government will ever be responsive to the people. John is the owner of Howee's Machine Shop in Fox, Alaska. He moved to Alaska in 1979, at the age of 19. John is a Master machinist, built & operated a class 8 wrecker truck, still has his CDL, Was a placer miner in the 1980s