Stephen Wright

Office: AK
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Wasilla
State: Alaska

My name is Stephen Wright, and I was born in Anchorage, AK on Elmendorf AFB in 1969. As Lt. Governor for Alaska it will be a great opportunity for us to right some wrongs and keep Alaskan ideas alive and well like the PFD payout formula which is truly an Alaskan tradition. My favorite quote is “I’m Alaska” or “I’m Alaskan,” meaning anyone with the “Alaskan Spirit” can become a true Alaskan if they adapt to its rugged environment and beauty as well as become stewards of its shared natural resources. I feel that over-regulation of our land at the Federal level, and monopolization of its permanent resources by the state, is limiting our ability to enjoy and build on our overall economy. The government of the state needs to find a way to reduce expenditures. It must also be more flexible in how it effects the local economies. We can look to free up land or negotiate land for cash the PFD instead of our legislatures promoting the idea of a percent of market value that acts as a tax to discount our mineral values which are to provide the most or maximum benefit for the people. If we want to grow the economy and the PFD at the same time the state should look at its assets and liabilities as potential avenues for building equitable returns. I have always felt close to Alaska as a youth, and I kept my dream alive of returning back to my birth state. The greatest state in the union with freedoms from over taxation and a way of life unlike anywhere. We need to keep Alaskan Ideals alive.