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Chad Chig Martin

Office: Governor
Party Affiliation: Democratic
Next Election: 2022
City: Enterprise
State: Alabama

Chad Chig Martin is a small businessman based out of Enterprise, Al.. He is running as a Democratic candidate for Governor of Alabama 2022. He owns and operates Thunder Industrial, Honeysuckle Hemp Co. and Martin Mobile Homes all based in SE Alabama. He supports Alabama having a lottery, a disease task force made of Alabama doctors and nurses and the decriminalization of Cannabis. He will head a world class group of industry recruiters and place high tech companies throughout the state of Alabama. He believes in providing affordable healthcare opportunities for Alabama families. He supports Veterans programs to show appreciation for their service to our country. Education is a top priority and generating increased funding for our schools will always be a top priority. He does not believe the federal government should be able to force Americans to take any drug or vaccine. He believes in stopping pollution and shutting down companies that contaminate our lands and waters. He believes in protecting our animals in this state from unethical and barbaric treatment. Chad Chig is a small business owner and he will not govern like typical bureaucratic candidates. Chad Chig Martin wants to shut the Good Ole Boys Network down once and for all in Alabama. He wants to take the foot off of the throat of Alabama and let her breathe and prosper. Join him and remember Vote Big, Vote Chig Alabama. Chad Chig Martin Democratic candidate for Governor of Alabama 2022