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Andre Williams

Office: Phoenix City Council District 5
Party Affiliation:
City: Phoenix
State: Arizona

Andre has been planted in the Phoenix area for almost 20 years and has made a living solving complex problems within the tech industry. Andre's career success was predicated on his ability to form and communicate problem statements, collect and analyze information, identify and involve key stakeholders, and being diligent to pursue models until a workable solution is reached. These are the attributes that will lend to him being an excellent city councilman.

Andre is currently employed with Nikon Precision Inc, the leader in manufacturing of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry. Prior to being employed with Nikon, Andre spent 16 years working for America's 46th largest corporation—Intel—primarily as an engineer. There, he learned the value of safety, quality, and customer orientation.

Andre is naturally inclined to logical thinking and problem solving, but he received additional training in this area through his studies in mathematics at Arizona State University.

In his spare time, Andre is usually building or fixing something around his home or enjoying the early childhood years of his four children with his wife Glenda.