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Dr. Ryan A. Starzyk

Office: State Senate, Legislative District 24
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Phoenix
State: Arizona

Arizona Senate candidate Dr. Ryan Starzyk (D-LD24) is a proven business and community leader, with a substantial background in management, analysis, research and strategic planning.
From 2003-2007, Dr. Starzyk served honorably in the United States Air Force and was decorated for meritorious service while on deployment in Iraq as a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Following his military service, Dr. Starzyk transitioned to a successful career in business leadership, serving as a legal analyst, researcher and compliance advisor for large-scale corporations.
No stranger to community service, Dr. Starzyk currently serves on the board of directors of Phoenix Pride, and he is a longtime advocate for LGBTQ rights. He has been a vocal supporter of repealing Arizona laws that seek to further stigmatize already marginalized communities, and a proponent of strong policies that seek to ensure that the rights and equity of all individuals are protected at the local, state and Federal level.
Dr. Starzyk resides in Central Phoenix with his partner, and is active in his local neighborhood and community, as well as in Democratic Party politics in Arizona Legislative District 24, where he is seeking to be the Democratic Party nominee for the Arizona Senate in 2020.