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Andrei Obolenskiy

Office: City Council
Party Affiliation: Democratic
Next Election: 2022
City: Pleasant Hill
State: California

I have been in Pleasant Hill since 2016 and living in Contra Costa County since 2001. I graduated with honors from St. Mary's College with an MBA in Global Business. After college, I was a consultant for Fortune 500 companies before leaving to spend more time with my family. Now, my wife and I manage 2 small businesses in the area while raising 2 amazing children. My platform is transparency and fairness. I am here to listen, provide input, and ensure all of our stakeholders have a place at the table. I believe in fiscal health, ensuring we have enough funds to run the city properly and attract the best talent. I also want to ensure we meet our housing needs without changing the character of the city. We also need to meet the needs of our small businesses and attract investment to our city that makes sense. Our campaign motto is "Looking to the Future". Thank you for your vote!