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Andrew Herrera

Office: Brea City Council
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2022
City: Brea
State: California

My name is Andrew Herrera and I was born in Orange County and lived most of my life in various cities throughout the county. It wasn’t until I moved to Brea that I finally felt at home.
Most mornings you can see me running various streets and parks throughout the city without a worry, not many cities have that luxury anymore.
During the week I manage a large clothing manufacturer, where my business sense, time management and problem solving all come into play.
In the evenings I use my free time to promote mental health, healthy living and routine.
On the weekends I manage and play men’s baseball for the OC Generals, a team I created and use to help promote community involvement and comradery.
I don’t have much experience in this line of work but thankfully there are 4 teammates that I will learn from and help form a winning team.
I have a servant’s heart and nothing brings me more joy than helping others. I have a gift to make things happen and I do what is honorable and fair. I owe Brea and I want to pay the city back.