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Billy Orton

Office: California's 44th Congressional
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Long Beach
State: California

What does Billy's 'New Skool' teach?

Politics is purposely shattered -- like broken glass and burnt books -- by a Tycoon-in-Chief who plays Robin Hood in Reverse, stealing from the poor to feed the super-rich. Ordinary Americans suffered the biggest tax cut in a century (90% going to 1%), and must endure the ever-bloating National Debt. Let's rescue Abraham Lincoln by reinventing the Republican party, where New Skoolers show human decency while working for a smaller govt and fiscal discipline.

What's a "political reviv'ul" preach?

Billy's political reviv'ul is to recruit Souls of Faith and Minds of Science to join together, across Eternity, to save God's green earth, by absolute devotion, as His gathering stewards.

Campaign 2020 Miracles?

Taking 2nd Place on March 3rd 2020 in a crowded field means Billy is a Republican opponent in a district the press describes as, "the most Democratic seat in the nation." Beating three Dems to face a little-known two-term incumbent shows that unlikely victory could morph into an absolute Miracle.