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Dennis Gambs

Dennis Gambs
Office: Zone 7 Board
Status: Incumbent
Party Affiliation:
City: Livermore
State: California

Dennis Gambs is a member of the Zone 7 Board of Directors, a licensed civil engineer, and former water resources manager at the Zone 7 Water Agency. He has a lifelong interest in water supply, flood control, and community service. He will use his expertise and experience to help: Improve water supply reliability to our homes, businesses, and agricultural customers to become drought resistant for future generations; Promote actions improving taste & odor, and reliability in providing safe drinking water to Livermore, Pleasanton, and Dublin residents; Develop projects and programs that are cost effective and stabilize water rates; and Promote decision making that is readily transparent to the public and has community input

Dennis and his wife have lived in Livermore since 1980, where we they raised their sons and now enjoy our grandchildren.
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