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Diana Rich

Office: Sebastopol City Council
Party Affiliation:
City: Sebastopol
State: California

Sebastopol has been my home for twenty years. I’ve raised my family here, and supported youth and seniors, the environment, business, art and education, health and homelessness, emergency preparedness, Rotary, and more. From grass-roots efforts to leadership roles, I have volunteered in every capacity. My contributions have been recognized in various ways, including a Chamber of Commerce award. From 2010-2017 I was the Executive Director of the nonprofit Sebastopol Community Cultural Center. Just like a business, it required attention to financial stability and quality services. The collaborative relationships I built with all sectors of Sebastopol continue to the present. Emergency preparedness is a particular interest to me. I supervised the Community Center’s sheltering of evacuees and Red Cross volunteers following the 2017 Tubbs Fire, and now work with Map Your Neighborhood and others so that we as a community are better prepared in the future.
I offer Sebastopol the leadership that is needed in these tough times. My lifetime of connections, my skills as an attorney and nonprofit director, and my strong reputation will bring Sebastopol together.
By working together, we can face these challenging times and find solutions to a brighter future. A vote for me is a vote for all of us.