Diane Stewart

Office: State Assembly
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Discovery Bay
State: California

Currently, I’m a Trustee, Byron Union School District. Elected in 2014, I have voted to bring one-to-one computers to every student in the district, to repair and improve facilities and roads near the schools for better safety, and to build a park for developmentally challenged kids in the Town of Byron.

I support:
Full and fair funding of California public schools
Your 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms
Affordable House
Jobs for Veterans
Tax deductions for the low, middle and lower upper class
Tax incentives for small businesses
Save the Delta
Increase funding for additional public services (police, fire, medical)
Sanctuary State
Overtime wages for farm workers

I oppose:
The Tunnels
Increase in gas prices due to the gas tax
High cost of living
Excessive jail terms for misdemeanors
Increase in the cost of medical insurance
Over taxation of small businesses
Reduction in veteran services
Funding programs where no one can actually qualify