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Dr. Gloria Zuurveen

Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2024
City: Los Angeles
State: California

Dr. Gloria Zuurveen is a seasoned business owner of PACE NEWS in Los Angeles since 1995. She is a parent of a student who graduated from Crenshaw High School and she is very well equipped with the knowledge to make things happen as she did almost thirty years ago when she started PACE NEWS from an idea and today it is one of the premier newspaper of legal adjudication in the City and County of Los Angeles. She is running to bring a needed voice on the LAUSD School Board in district 1 on behalf of children, their parents and the community taxpayers who may not have children but who still have a voice and a say in what goes on with the tax dollars each and every day. Dr. Zuurveen's ideas of "A New Day, A New Way" grassroots campaign which is 100 percent about the children and 0 percent politics as usual, will fight for policies that will propel students to excel. Dr. Zuurveen's says "Instead of the usual politics where the students are being released from high school without the ability to read, write, or comprehend what basic English context means must cease and decease at LAUSD and instead academic excellence in all phase of academia must be the standard for this changing global society.