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Jeff Brown

Office: Amador County Supervisor, District 3
Status: Incumbent
Party Affiliation:
City: Pioneer
State: California

My life is dedicated to public service. I’m currently the Supervisor for District 3, President of First Mace Meadow Water Association, plus Chairperson of District 3 Community Council. I served 11 years with the US Forest Service, and after 24 years of service, a retired/disabled Air Force Veteran.
I enjoy being active in our local community. I support the Upcountry Rotary and Lions Club, volunteering for local projects and events.
I have worked hard to get information out swiftly and accurately. I have been developing relationships with community leaders, Fire/EMS, USFS, our schools, county staff, and you, my fellow neighbor.
We are a diverse group of hard-working people. We have all worked, and are still working, to hold on to what we cherish. We have chosen to live in the mountains to enjoy the beauty of nature, some families for many generations. My number one priority is to keep our way of life as safe, carefree, and relaxed as possible, keeping changes subtle and not disruptive.
I am recognized as a leader who is willing to listen to diverse viewpoints because it is truly about “We not Me.”
I’m asking for your vote to continue working for our community.