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Joseph Joyce

Joseph Joyce
Office: Board Of Supervisor District 3
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Fairfield
State: California

He was raised in old Fairfield, with 5 siblings, in the ’60s and 70’s our cities were multi-cultural and diverse. Kids played in the streets, in the parks, they cut the fruit on the farms in the Valley in the summers, mowed lawns, or had summer jobs for a little money. The County and Cities seemed to develop or support just enough employment for the population as the little towns grew. As the decades passed Joe went on to work for the Solano Sheriffs and then Bay Area Law Enforcement Agencies for many years, always living here in the county. After an injury, he went into Sales and private business living in both Suisun City and then in Fairfield for the last 17 years. He watched his once beloved and charming hometowns and their main streets abandoned and neglected by the local governments. Allowed to become blighted. The once well-maintained crops, Fruits trees and Vegetables of the Valley, the Marsh’s, and open spaces with hunters and fishermen, now are rare. It’s Time to take back our Voice and make Quality of Life and issues and those of the residents the priority here in the County.
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