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Kerry Lewis

Office: President
Party Affiliation: Republican
Next Election: 2028
City: Los Angles
State: California

It takes a different kind of Republican to win the White House– Kerry Lewis is the ideal candidate for the job. As a business owner and former Non-profit representing all of us here in LA County, Kerry is committed to addressing the challenges Southern Californians face on a daily basis. He’s ready to deliver again for Americans.

Lewis’s campaign is gearing up to connect directly with voters across the district with the same energy and excitement that can be flipped United States of America in 2028. As President, he will find common sense solutions to make healthcare more affordable, protect Social Security and Medicare, and invest in our schools and universities. Lewis is committed to helping working families in LA County, no matter the political party. With your support, Lewis will help make that happen.

Our Personal Liberty is freedom, we can travel we can pretty much choose to be or do what we want. success is in our control. we can speak freely. we can even criticize our government and our elected leaders. government criticism in places like North Korea, China, it ran, etc. can get you thrown in jail or even killed.

Americans thrive when they are free and we won't stay locked down for long. I believe, personal liberty, Economic Opportunity, and the resources of our country are blessings like our own gifts and talent. we must share them with others. we need to use our resources wisely. keeping our resources in the ground as some suggest is selfish and dangerous. most of us were born in the USA. we may not fully appreciate what we have. the world depends on the USA for food, energy, and ideas. solutions for the world's problems are born from our free speech, personal Liberty, and Economic Opportunity. we have been given much.

I believe God expects us to use what we have to make the world and the people living in it better off. anything is possible.