Kouwthar Muhssncookie

Office: Valley de oro community planning group
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Spring valley
State: California

Eight years ago I arrived in the United States and chose Casa de Oro as my home. In June, I experienced one of the proudest moments of my life when I was sworn in as a United States citizen.

I am originally from Iraq, where I worked as a reporter for Reuters and other international media and covered both national political developments and issues facing specific communities. With this background in journalism, plus my recent training in real estate law, I will bring a valuable perspective to the planning board, using my skills and talents to help all the neighborhoods in Valle de Oro. I am grateful for the activism of the Casa de Oro Alliance that resulted in a grant from the county that will underwrite the development of a Specific Plan to revitalize our region and look forward to working with the group to achieve this goal.

Although Valle de Oro is a wonderful place to live and work, I know that we can do better. We must ensure not only that our zoning ordinances encourage healthy businesses and efficient traffic circulation but also that our neighborhoods are better protected from crime and blight. I am determined that this community that I love will once again live up to its name as the Valley of Gold.

I ask for your vote so that I can help plan a better future for all of us.