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Linda Richardson

Office: Fontana City Council District 3
Party Affiliation:
City: Fontana
State: California

Fontana needs a strong, diverse city government, which will listen and address all the issues of our citizens. I'm committed to you and our diverse community. I'm a bridge builder and together we will make Fontana even greater. I believe in diversity, I support immigration and will work to improve communication and relations between our citizens and the police. I will address our increasing homelessness and mental health crisis within our city. Providing services for our seniors is a high priority. I have served on several boards and committees within and outside our city. I am bi-racial and grew up on a Native American Indian reservation here in Southern California. I support quality and safe education for our kids and good salaries not only for our teachers and first responders but for all and I support our unions. I have a bachelors degree from International Apostolic University and a Master's degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and I currently work as a Chaplain at a local hospital. A vote for me is a vote for all.