Mark Newgent

Office: Irvine School Board
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2020
State: California

Mark Newgent, Army Captain/Parent

In these uncertain and confusing times, we need dedicated, experienced, proven leaders with common sense on our School Board that will place our kids first.

My background is 20 years US Army Captain, Commander, Anti-Terrorism Officer and Security Advisor/Planner for the Pacific Region. Most importantly, I am a father of two children that attend Irvine schools.

Upon election my goal is to preserve/enhance school safety and ensure a better curriculum. I will work to ensure students are protected by the finest police/firefighting forces and support policies that promote:

- Upgrading safety/security and training plans

- Proper safety/security training for teachers.

- Fiscal responsibility

- Recruiting and retaining quality teachers

- Positive relationships with city/county leadership

- Open and honest communication with the public

- Removal of integrated science and common core curriculums

When I was 21 years old, I threw a rifle over my shoulder and boarded a plane to go to combat in a place I never heard of, for people I didn’t even know... Just imagine how I hard will work for my own children, my friends and my community.

I served our country for over 20 years; let me serve our schools for the next 4.