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Martha Fluor

Office: Orange County Board of Education, Trustee Area 2
Party Affiliation: Independent
City: Costa Mesa
State: California

Martha did NOT need to come out of retirement, she effectively served kids, parents, teachers and taxpayers in her over 29 years on the Newport-Mesa Unified School District Board and as President of the California School Boards Association! After learning how the incumbent was wasting our dollars on losing lawsuits, stripping in excess of $4.5 Million from the children's classroom, she had enough!

Martha will restore this board’s focus and the budget back to supporting students enrolled in their schools: children in juvenile justice system, homeless, foster, dropped out, kicked out

Martha will re-direct tax dollars back into the classroom so our students have resources they need – as opposed to lining the pockets of private attorneys current happening with the incumbent

Martha is dedicated to supporting our local school districts’ local decisions– current incumbent undermines local control voters deserve

Martha will return integrity to this elected board

Martha will re-implement transparency this board no longer operates under