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Michael Ellinger

Office: President
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Los Angeles
State: California

I was born and raised in Ohio and my parents taught me the value of hard work, being self-sufficient and being myself (sometimes hard to do in a family of six kids). I grew up experiencing the daily challenges many Midwest middle-class families face.

My professional career has been in the financial services and technology industries. I earned a B.S. in Business at Miami University (Oxford, OH) and will complete a Master's in Government - Policy Analysis from Harvard University School of Extension Studies this May.

I am running because I know I have a message which resonates with the majority of our friends and neighbors. I will fight for all who need help and promote an agenda that will positively reverberate across our nation and across the world. I decided to further my education and then run for office while witnessing our cherished political institutions deteriorate over the past four years. I am staying in the race to offer an alternative, strong progressive voice and because I know I can defeat the president even in the Midwest swing states critical to winning an Electoral College majority.

I grew up with various family and friends who identify at the extremes of both political ideologies and I understand how to relate to each group and what both sides need to heal and unite. I am here to stand up for fairness for everyone in this country.

My wife and I have been blessed with a healthy, inquisitive and precocious son and I am not going to let our nation go down a dark path because of greed only to leave his generation in dire straits. But, I am always optimistic about our future and know in my heart that we can defend true progressive values, preserve everyone's God-given and Constitutional rights and put this country in a direction to lead the world in economic prosperity and provide security for every citizen.