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Ned Nuerge

Office: Congress
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Oakland
State: California

The intent of my campaign is to wake up “We the People” to our responsibilities as Citizens of our Republic, the United States of America- a sovereign nation. In the Preamble to our Constitution, we find our purpose is to “promote the general welfare [well-being]”. I propose this is accomplished by enabling the “pursuit of happiness” of each of our Citizens. I define a person’s inalienable right of happiness to be the freedom to pursue whatever endeavor/s give them a full life.

To deliver on that direct, clear intention/purpose, we- each of us- are required to take a “mountain top view” of our Nation. Are we a happy people? Are we a healthy people? Are we a fed people? Are we a housed people? Are we a peaceful people? Are we a sovereign nation?

Today the answer is a resounding No!

It is not the role of any government to give these conditions to the people. It is the role of our government to exemplify these conditions and to enable circumstances through which the people are able to build these conditions for their families. Yes! Their Families; I assess that we as a nation are as strong as our Families. Based on the current state of the majority of our people, our government is failing in its mandate.

In order to reverse that failure, I propose the first step to be replacing our current representatives with people not beholden to any financial interests; people beholden solely to their constituents. Further steps then include ending the Federal Reserve System, replacing it with an American System of Political Economy which provides credit and opportunity to improve our country’s infrastructure in every area of our lives. Building a sovereign nation which enables every Citizen to be happy, healthy, fed, and housed; at peace with each other and with other sovereign nations.

I am Ned Nuerge Ned Nuerge for Congress