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Raj Gill

Office: Candidate for Bakersfield City Council- Ward 7
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2022
City: Bakersfield
State: California

Raj is a longtime Bakersfield small business owner and mentor, devoted husband, father and community leader campaigning for a Better Bakersfield today. After moving to Bakersfield in the mid 90's, he went on to raise two children, with his lovely wife, who are now grown and are now proud & distinguished community members of Bakersfield. Raj has dedicated his time to establishing reputable and hard working small businesses that have employed several Ward 7 families, fortified strong community relationships and positively impacted economic growth for it's hundreds of community members. Raj aspires to now devote his time to the betterment of Bakersfield and his fellow neighbors in Ward 7. He possesses the integrity you can trust for your future and dedication to put in the necessary time and effort long term.

Raj Gill believes in the equality of voices and communal resilience that will change the lives of everyone residing in Bakersfield- Ward , with high hopes of that impact being felt throughout Kern County.