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Richard B. Ramirez

Office: Orange County Assessor
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Orange
State: California

As an Orange County resident for almost my entire life, and a faithful public servant of the Orange County Assessor Office for more than 21 years, I am running for Orange County Assessor so I can serve the people in a greater capacity and to make even a greater impact to the community I love.

In my 21 plus years of experience of serving in the Orange County Assessor's Office, I have worked on many high profile appraisal projects throughout the county as well as serving in various positions and many different sections throughout the Assessor's Office. Over the years, I have developed a broad knowledge of property tax laws, assessment techniques and taxpayer relation strategies that achieve the highest standards of accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency. Most recently, I have the opportunity to serve as the Manager of the Assessment Appeals Sections. This has allowed me to understand and help taxpayers to achieve fair and equitable assessments without costly litigation.

My goals as Assessor are to encourage technological development by providing a data program that will make Assessor information readily available to the public; and to establish a Community Outreach program to educate citizens on property tax laws; I also want to make cyber security a top priority to ensure that private information from taxpayers will be protected from security breaches.

I have a B.A. Degree in Finance from California State University, Fullerton; and an Advanced Property Tax Appraiser Cert.