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Terri Aprati

Terri Aprati
Office: City Council, District 4, Mission Viejo, CA 2022
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2022
City: Mission Viejo
State: California

Terri Aprati has been a resident of Mission Viejo for 21 years. She is a corporate paralegal and notary public. She entered this election because she feels the present City Council has lost its moral compass. Terri's core campaign values include trust, transparency, and accountability. She also promises to be accessible to not only District 4, but all 5 Districts of Mission Viejo.

The City Council has collectively, either extended their stays in office, or tried to, forcing litigation, which the Council has lost, and for which the city's taxpayers are paying. The City Council has purchased property without the residents' consent, resulting in higher interest rates on the bonds the taxpayers will pay back, and liens placed on high value buildings in Mission Viejo.

Terri believes Mission Viejo needs to tighten its spending and be fiscally conservative. It is time for change in Mission Viejo. It is Terri's time!