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T.J. McInturff

Office: City Council
Party Affiliation:
City: Simi Valley
State: California

My name is T.J. McInturff and I want to be your next Simi Valley City Council Member. I was formerly a Litigation Specialist for Bank of America for the past five years. Currently I am starring in a new show airing on Lifetime Television this November titled "Little Weddings", which is a new reality show on my entire family. My wife, Jamie, and I, and our families have lived in Simi Valley just about three generations going on four and have enjoyed every minute of it. We have two children and we are expecting our third child early next year and are excited to continue raise our children in this fine city.

I want to be your representative, your voice, and help this great city become even stronger than it is. "Simi Strong" is really what this city is all about we come together and we can accomplish anything. My qualifications are as follows: I have a degree in Political Science from California State University, Northridge (CSUN). I have studied law, city planning, and urban development. In my professional career I have worked daily alongside attorneys, dealing with litigation, contracts, and negotiations. I have strived to be the best husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and friend I can each and every day. My family and I attend Rocky Peak Church regularly and my faith is important to me. I stand for dedication, family, and honor. I live my life by true conservative values. I support our Constitution and believe what it stands for.

I stand by our Police Officers, our Firefighters, our teachers, and will strive to make safety and education the priority in this fine city. Our city has the potential to be the best city in all of California. By voting for me on election day, you are voting for a person who will get things done, a person who is dedicated to this city, a person who is honest, trustworthy, and knows what it takes to be a true leader. I offer a younger perspective, tech savvy, strong analytical approach, with fresh new ideas. I want to stop the business cannibalism that I have seen. Bring in new revenue from the major film studios and work towards preparing this city for the future by becoming more green and energy efficient, adding charging stations to promote hybrid and electric cars, and building on our reputation as safe, but also attractive for businesses and people by being a smart city with increasing more free wifi spots, apps for the city, and urban innovation.