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Tracy Jensen

Office: City Council
Party Affiliation: Democratic
Next Election: 2022
City: Alameda
State: California

Alameda should be a place where all residents feel supported and safe. Where everyone has access to parks, shorelines and safe streets. Where seniors are valued and have the resources to remain independent in the community. Where the voices of all residents are heard, regardless of political ties or economic status. I have represented Alameda residents on the School Board and on the Health Care District Board, and on the boards of Alameda Soccer Club, Alameda Youth Basketball and the League of Women Voters; my goal in all these activities is to make Alameda a more supportive, accessible, livable city.

Serving on the Alameda Healthcare District board for 8 years I've worked to ensure that Alamedans receive the highest quality health care, whether services are provide directly at Alameda Hospital, or through partnerships with other agencies like the Alameda Fire Department. During my time on time on the Healthcare District board and the AUSD Board of Education I have renewed relationships with mentors from my youth and so when I ran into one of my Alameda High teachers recently my friend wanted me to know about the excellent care she had received at Alameda Hospital's award-winning Stroke Center. As I learned more about her trauma and recovery, I was very gratified to know that someone I cared about had benefitted from my collaborative work. When we parted my friend said to me, “Tracy, thank you for everything you've done for Alameda”.

I returned the thanks, knowing that my friend had been an Alameda resident her entire life, and her 30-year career had been devoted to teaching Alameda youth. In her classroom I learned to appreciate some of the Alameda Values that make our community so special. Residents of Alameda's many unique neighborhoods come together when we're walking by our little free libraries, reminded by white memorial bikes more careful drivers, and when we see hundreds of children parading through our streets on the 4th of July.

Just as I value the words of my teacher, I appreciate your vote so that I can continue to make a difference in the City that we love.