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Treston Shull

Office: Citrus Heights City Council
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Citrus Heights
State: California

I am running for City Council to bring a new energy and blue-collar work ethic to tackle the growing homeless & crime problems, fix our roads, and to protect taxpayers.

My wife Laura and I love Citrus Heights. I have been involved in Citrus Heights for years, serving on REACH (Resident Empowerment Association of Citrus Heights) and Birdcage Heights Neighborhood Association - so I understand the value of listening to the community.

I’ve worked tough jobs, so I know the value of hard work, and the need to respect taxpayers hard-earned money by keeping taxes low. My father was a police officer; I saw firsthand the dedication he had and the challenges he faced - so I am committed to ensuring our police have the resources to keep our neighborhoods safe.

I believe in the power of the American Dream — that hard work, honesty, and conservative values are the best way to build a better life. Those same values will help us build a better city.