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Bernard Douthit

Office: Colorado State Treasurer
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Denver
State: Colorado

I am a Colorado native, and while I have a long history of community and civic involvement, I am new to Colorado politics. I am not particularly wealthy or well connected, but I still believe that ordinary people can do extraordinary things when they work hard and are sincere.

I want to be your next State Treasurer because I believe I have the qualifications and experience to do a great job for the people of Colorado.

Above all else I hope to inspire other people to get involved in the political process and run for office. I know we are all busy, but your country needs you now more than ever.

Experience Matters
You wouldn't hire a plumber to work on your teeth, so why would you hire a career politician to manage your money?

The State Treasurer manages a portfolio of roughly $6 billion and sits on a number of important boards including PERA and the State Medicaid Program. We need more than career politicians who often use this job as a stepping stone to higher office. We need a State Treasurer who is qualified with a background in Finance and Economics to oversee our State's finances. After all, it is our money.