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Joe Latino

Office: Pueblo City Council District 2
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2023
State: Colorado

Joe Latino was born and raised on Goat Hill and in the Belmont neighborhood. He has traveled extensively and spent time learning from other cities that educate his perspective on how to address the complex issues we face in Pueblo. He was a principal, educator, and coach who spent the majority of his career in the Denver Metro area. When he retired, he returned to Pueblo and sought to invest his new found free time into the community he loves so much. His 'big city' experience in education, safety, and community development are what Pueblo needs as we grow and change.

Joe has a strong history of community organizing serving on the Pueblo Rape Crisis Board, Concerned Citizens of Roselawn Cemetery, was former director of the Damon Runyon Sports Complex and is a co-founder of the Pillars of Unity group, who were strategic in bringing lively youth sports to Bessemer Park when schools were out of commission for renovation. Keeping kids safe and out of trouble by getting them involved in the community is one of Joe's key issues.

Joe seeks to explore a myriad of ways to uplift, empower, educate and motivate individuals to a more positive way of life here in Pueblo! The city has lost ground economically and its problems with crime and crumbling infrastructure all need attention from individuals with experience in community development and bringing about effective solutions to complex problems.

When it comes to taxes, Joe's concern is that we make better use of the money being collected. He's said publicly he feels strongly about investing in the small businesses that are already established in Pueblo, helping them to grow and employ more residents.

When it comes to safety, Joe supports more officers on the ground and the establishment of more police substations inside high-crime areas. He also has experience in setting up citizen led crime watches that have been extremely effective when instituted in cities of similar and even larger sizes.

Joe is our neighborhood guy with the experience Pueblo needs right now! Your vote for Joe is a vote for action and not just talk on the major issues facing our city!