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Rebecca Keltie

Office: U.S. Congress
Party Affiliation:
City: Colorado Springs
State: Colorado

Veteran Rebecca Keltie ( ) has declared as a Unity Party candidate for Colorado’s 5th Congressional District (centered on Colorado Springs),challenging Congressional Investor Doug Lamborn and becoming the first woman to run for office with the Unity Party of America.
“I believe in exercising Common Sense on our Bill of Rights, Education, Healthcare and Veterans, and I’m convinced that the Unity Party will connect all Americans, both Left and Right,” says the mother of two Veterans who is a retired Navy veteran herself and experienced Information Technology professional.
“The Denver Duopoly has gerrymandered Colorado’s Congressional districts to the point where the Democrats can’t mount a credible challenge to an incumbent who just doesn’t seem to get it that his District’s voters matter, and I look forward to making a credible challenge to the two-party system in 2020 and well beyond.”