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Christy DeVigili

Office: Lee County School Board
Party Affiliation:
City: Cape Coral
State: Florida

As a Lee County native and parent to children who are in the Lee County Schools, I know our school district is broken and our kids are suffering. We need change and I am confident that I can be this change. I can make positive changes for the community I love and give our children a better future. I have been an advocate for children and families in my community for many years. Through my experience in aiding numerous parents, and participating in countless school board meetings I am uniquely equipped to make the changes needed because I see the problem. We need school board members that are going to represent our children, educators, and community; not outside agendas, unions, and large contractor institutions. You can be assured that with me as a member of the Lee County School Board I will fight for our community and free our children from the tyrannical leadership we have been subjugated to.