Donnie Prophet

Office: Marion County School Board, District 3
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2018
City: Ocala
State: Florida

Donnie Prophet is a teacher and advocate for students. A graduate from Dunnellon High School, Donnie understands what it takes to make our schools great. Prophet majored in Ministerial Leadership (Southeastern University, Lakeland, FL). He calls Meadowbrook Church his home serving as a Elementary Coach to the many volunteers. Donnie taught or worked with grades pre-K to the 12th grade and specializes teaches kids with special needs. He visited over 80% of Marion County Public School and pledges to visit every school by the end of his first year. He sits on the Florida Education Association Governance Board.Donnie Prophet is not afraid to go against the special political interest in our state and county.