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Gwendolyn "Gwen" Henderson

Office: Tampa City Council - District 5
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2023
City: Tampa
State: Florida

Gwen is a native Tampanian proudly growing up in the working-class community affectionately known as Carver City. She is an accomplished public-school educator, online bookshop owner, and public servant.

“Tampa is a wonderful place to live and work. To build a robust economy we must expect good stewardship over our resources first for all of Tampa. I believe we are blessed with abundance when we care for the voiceless, our seniors, children, and our Veterans. We deserve to thrive in safer neighborhoods and safe spaces when we deal with one another as friends or as strangers. We must look to the future to improve the increasing traffic congestion, expand mobility, fight for affordable housing, clean water, better drainage, and food insecurity for too many residents. Moreover, we must maintain a focus that is always addressing career pathways for a workforce prepared with acquired skills and certifications, which is necessary for upward social mobility for today and future generations.

It is more than a notion to strive for amid the challenges and the things we do well, but Tampa is worth it, and I am raising my hand to contribute to doing the work to make us better tomorrow than we are today for all the citizens of Tampa.”