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Jim Pierce

Office: President
Party Affiliation: Independent
City: Fort Lauderdale
State: Florida

Jim Pierce has reinvented himself over the past year and now wants to serve America as an Independent Open Minded President. He believes it is time to get r.I.d. of our politicians that put their party above the needs of America and fight for our INDEPENDENTS. He believes America needs to rethink, redesign, rebuild and return the American Government Back To The American People. He has several ideas on his website to accomplish this task including mandatory SCOTUS retirement at age 70 and a new procedure with timelines to eliminate the loosey goosey problems we face today with the current Presidential Supreme Court nominee. We MUST connect our federal and state governments and one way is to replace The Senate with The Governors which reduces costs tremendously and gives us that connection. Having 2 Senators that either cancel each other out or duplicate efforts has lost its value. The Governor knows the needs and the budget. We also must separate what the federal government does and what the state government does as we have seen with the confusion around the Corona Virus. America faces many critical issues but some of them we create by NOT following our Constitution. We must address Amendments 1, 5 and 14 in particular and we have to decide whether church and state are going to be together or separate. It appears they are together based on many factors this year. We must stop the political party games that have stalled our progress as a country and divided us for the last 2 decades at least. I have developed a Reparations Plan that will compensate those Americans we have discriminated against and we can finally put racism and other "isms" behind us. It will also provide a much needed stimulus for our lackluster economy. As a pharmacist, I am able to tackle the Corona Virus head on and we will not cut corners for the sake of speed to have a vaccine. We will have a safe and effective vaccine that is distributed appropriately by our top notch physicians with those that are most at risk, like the elderly and immunosuppressed, receiving the vaccine first. I want a Balanced Budget Amendment and finally I want to make the words of The Pledge of Allegiance true so EQUAL Liberty and Justice For ALL exists for everyone. I have almost 100 ideas on my website of items I think need changing. I do not seek fame or fortune and have no hidden agenda other than returning the government to the people. I hope you will write me in, Jim Pierce, for President. Thank You!