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Melinda Rakoncay

Office: City Commission - Seat 5
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2022
City: St. Augustine
State: Florida

A resident of one of St. Augustine’s historic neighborhoods since 1980, I been involved for over 40 years in protecting and preserving what makes St. Augustine unique. Those who have worked with me know how thorough I am in my research, my understanding of the city's Municipal Code, and my participation in city meetings. When I speak on an issue, it is not just from feelings, but from an understanding of our code and how it relates to the issue at hand. Years of involvement with PZB, HARB, & City Commission meetings give me an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing our city. As President of the Neighborhood Council for the past six years, I know the residents' concerns, and know how to work with cIty staff to get things accomplished. I am also interested in the concerns of local businesses, and will be their voice as well. Because I know what a commitment of time and energy being a good City Commissioner requires, I did not take the decision to run lightly. I see being City Commissioner as a calling for public service. IF elected I will get things DONE!