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Molly J. Tasker

Office: Mayor, City of Melbourne, FL
Party Affiliation:
City: Melbourne
State: Florida

Attorney, Manager, Problem Solver. I am an attorney, a former Melbourne City Council member, and a consultant to the federal government on national security issues. Highlights of my employment as a consultant and staff employee of the CIA are as follows:

Since November 2014, I have been working intermittently as an independent contractor on classification issues with the CIA/Center for the Study of Intelligence.

In 2008, I spent six months with the Director of the CIA’s Office of Policy and Corporate Coordination working on reorganization within the entire of the U.S. intelligence community.

In 2006-7, I was a consultant for six months in the CIA/National Clandestine Service/Office of Policy Coordination.

In 2005, I was in Baghdad working on Saddam Hussein war crimes issues with the Department of State, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Justice Department/US Regime Crimes Liaison Office, and the FBI.

Right after the events of September 11, 2001, from October 2001 - January 2002, I served in Islamabad, Pakistan working 9/11 counter-terrorism operations with the FBI and State Department.

During the war in the Balkans I served the Director/CIA as acting representative to NATO Headquarters in Kosovo, de-conflicting operations and coordinating information sharing with all NATO military and civilian participants in country. Earlier, I served operationally in the Bosnia theatre.

When employed as staff, I enjoyed 25 years with the Central Intelligence Agency, confronting and solving complex legal and operational issues -- at times making instantaneous decisions under extreme conditions.

As an attorney, I worked high profile criminal and civil cases including participation in Iran-Contra litigations and the UN War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. When I retired as a staff employee, I was Chair of the CIA’s Publications Review Board (see, Robert Gates' acknowledgment in his book, “From the Shadows”).

As a CIA operations officer, my primary focus was counter-terrorism. I had two full (2-3 years) overseas tours, one in Europe and one in the Middle East.