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Narnike Pierre-Grant

Office: Broward County School Board District #9
Party Affiliation:
City: Parkland
State: Florida

A dedicated mother and wife who seeks to represent the students, parents/guardians, teachers/staff and stakeholders of Broward County Public Schools in her first ever run for public office. Narnike has five (5) children who have and continue to attend Broward County Public Schools. She has been married for 20 years. Narnike is driven, fully invested in and for public schools. She was Vice President of one of her children's PTO who has since moved to high school were she is now Vice President of the PTSO and still is currently President of her other child's PTO. Narnike also substitute teaches for Broward County Public Schools. Narnike has a B.A. in Political Science from Florida Atlantic University and a M.A. in Cross Disciplinary studies with a major in Conflict Resolution from Nova Southeastern University. Transparency and Accountability are some of her top priorities. If elected her goal is to make sure the Broward County communities are fully aware of the school district's decisions whether they are favorable or unfavorable. The goal is to provide education, maintain stability and foster a safe environment for all the students in Broward County. Discretionary items will be met with honest questions along with a process to relay information that is truthful and legally allowable.