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Shaune Goff Freeland

Office: Punta Gorda City Council District 3
Status: Incumbent
Party Affiliation:
City: Punta Gorda
State: Florida

Our City is at a pivotal moment in its story. We need a City Council member who will promote conscious, sustainable, and beneficial development that preserves our community while improving it for residents of all ages and means. To accomplish this goal, Shaune Goff Freeland will:
•Protect, preserve, and enhance property values and our way of life in Punta Gorda
•Promote policies that emphasize walkability in Downtown and beyond
•Defend historical preservation of landmarks and neighborhood architecture
•Champion small business and work to attract more local entrepreneurs to the area
•Pursue a community-focused project with greenspace, retail, and space for the arts to make City Marketplace the centerpiece of a vibrant Downtown.