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Anthony (Tony) Hernandez Wallen

Office: City Council Post 6
Party Affiliation:
City: Stone Mountain
State: Georgia

Anthony Hernandez-Wallen is running for City Council Post 6. His goal is to reduce the millage rate two ways: Looking at projects and view ways to reduce their costs where possible and create innovative revenue streams. Create a street scape designs to make "Main Street" starting at beginning of JBR dr. the brand ambassador for the city by utilizing an entity such as the Savannah School of Art and Design and then linking all the parks , Historic sites , churches, businesses and our new "Smart Street Signs" signage. This would would be the beginning of creating "Brand St Mt." a city steeped in history but grabbing onto the future. The new "Street Scape" would entice prospective new businesses and home buyers to choose Stone Mountain to relocate.

"Revenue Streams"
One of our greatest asset is our proximity to Stone Mountain Park with 7.5 visitors annually. Our city has many points of interest such as restaurants, brewery, and major historical sites that can constitute an extension to Stone mountain Park.

Bikers and visitors to Stone Mountain Park use our parking spaces for free we can include that in our $3.00 parking program
Stone Mountain Vision 2.0