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Dan Brue

Office: State House Representative - District 135 (Lamar, Pike, Upson)
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Thomaston
State: Georgia

I am Dan Brue, and I am asking for your support in restoring integrity in the Georgia General Assembly.

For far too long, we have had a political class that has neglected Georgia's (and, indeed America's) interests and values in exchange for self promotion, political talking points, and special interests. What is worse is that when faced with challenges like the pandemic and the 2020 election, many said nothing, cowered to whom they believe are the powers that be, laid low, and left their constituents wondering if there were any public servants with an ability to lead.

They are not public servants; they are not leaders. Rather, they are politicians. Their primary concern is themselves and their ability to remain in positions of power. They run unopposed and take their constituents' votes for granted time an again.

Time and again, we elect Representatives we believe share I beliefs only to see them go to Atlanta and sell out to the establishment under the Gold Dome. It is time for Georgians to be represented by servant leaders who care about them, will show up, speak up (not kowtow to political cronies), and address the real issues Georgians are dealing with head on.