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Janice Laws

Office: Georgia Insurance Commisioner
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia

Janice Laws is an experienced and accomplished Insurance Broker with 15 years in the Insurance industry. She is an Insurance advocate for the citizens of Georgia, out of her lifelong commitment that people have a quality of life they love.

Known for her expertise and ability to advocate for her clients, Janice Laws achieved early success in the world of Insurance. Overcoming the challenges of divorce and raising two young daughters, she took on creating a life that she wanted and loved, including her own business, J. Laws & Associates, LLC, an Independent Insurance Agency.

A native of Jamaica, Janice moved to New York with her mother and sisters at the age of 17. Seven years later, she relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where she has continued to reside with her family.

Janice wants the “American Dream” for others, as she once dreamed about as a child growing up in Jamaica. She dreamed of coming to America and “making something of herself”. She has been giving back to others ever since, as an ongoing life opportunity to demonstrate her gratitude.

With her Insurance and financial services credentials and expertise, Janice is committed to advocating for Insurance legislation and public policy that makes a difference in meeting the needs and expectations of Georgia's citizens.

Janice Laws is ready to be accountable for a new level of leadership, as Georgia’s next Insurance Commissioner.