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Kay Howell

Office: Roswell City Council
Party Affiliation:
State: Georgia

Kay Howell is a growth-oriented and strategic leader with twenty years of combined experience leading multinational teams, creating corporate compliance programs.

She has implemented innovative solutions to reduce costs, control risks, and increase revenues for her customers.

Proven expertise in managing across functional and profit centers for numerous Fortune 500 companies, delivering enterprise wide process improvement results.

Dr. Howell graduated from The University of Georgia, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science.
She received her first Master’s degree from Nova Southeastern in Computer Information Science.
Kay also received an Executive Master of Business Administration from Purdue University.
She just received her Doctorate in Business from DePaul University.

Kay has deep connections across the Roswell community, formed over the past 20 years.She believes in giving back to the community.The organizations that she has been involved with are as follows: Patsy’s Closet Foundation (Ask Patsy), Be the Voice/ Interact and Americorps

Dr. Howell frequently speaks to organizations to discuss the platform of community development, creating ideas on how to work with the local community to forge productive new paths.

She is a committed leader who is Ready to Listen, Learn, and Lead with the people.

As the Executive Director of the non-profit Patsy’s Closet Foundation, Br. Howell is ready to listen to the concerns of the community and then act.

Kay leads this organization in working with the local community, assisting the homeless and low-income local citizens to become “interview-ready”.
Kay Howell is a transformational leader with experience in improving Profit and Non-Profit organizations.
She has expertise working with international and domestic clients including Financial, Healthcare, Education ,Technology, State and Federal Government customers

Dr. Howell quickly identifies and improves operations/ processes in both Public and Private sectors, meeting the customer goals and objectives. She would bring these skills to Roswell City Council.

She was raised by her grandmother (Healthcare Professional) and mother (Educator) to be a responsible and productive part of the community.
She has been a real estate agent and investor for over 18 years.She was born in Fort Myers FL and is an only child. Growing up she considered her uncles (her unofficial brothers), since they taught her how to play football and climb trees in her youth.