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Trina Griffiths

Office: State Court Judge in Cobb County (Post 6)
Party Affiliation:
City: Marietta
State: Georgia

TRINA GRIFFITHS is set apart by her 25 years in Cobb State Court and the balanced legal perspective she derives from her diverse, 30-year career. TRINA's courtroom experience includes 6 years of civil practice, 11 years as a prosecutor with the Cobb Solicitor General's office, and 14 years as a defense attorney in Cobb County.

In her lifetime, Trina has witnessed every strength and weakness of our justice system. As the daughter of a World War II veteran, Trina firmly supports the Accountability Courts that provide mental health treatments and alternative sentencing for defendants whose crimes stem from underlying issues such as mental health disorders, family conflicts, and/or addiction. Without addressing these criminogenic factors, convicted offenders often resort to old patterns of behavior upon being released. Accountability courts aim to treat these underlying factors and rehabilitate offenders so that they return as productive members of society.

Most importantly, Trina Griffiths firmly believes in securing JUSTICE FOR ALL people. She is committed to fighting the racial and economic disparities that plague our courts and threaten the principles of justice and freedom. Trina will ensure that ALL who enter Cobb State Court are fully heard, treated with respect, and held accountable for their actions.

Vote TRINA for State Court Judge this August!