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Matthew Kilburn

Office: Mayor
Party Affiliation:
City: Boise
State: Idaho

Who I Am

I was born in Boise, Idaho at St Luke's in 1995. While my family did have to move a lot growing up, I always considered Boise as my home. It's where I was born, and it's where I want to spend my life. It is where I have dreams of raising a family. I love this city with all I have, but Boise is facing major issues in growth, infrastructure, housing, and social issues.

Making History

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of the gay liberation movement at stonewall. Yet after 50 years, queer folks in Idaho and in this community are still not free. As an openly-queer person, I have faced harassment, threats and subordination to second-class more than I would like to admit. I know what it feels like not feeling safe in this city that I call "home." The worst part of it all I am not an anomaly, nor are these experiences unique to me. Marginalized folks in Boise feel voiceless as they face verbal, social, and even violent discrimination. Many marginalized folks do not vote or participate in the process because they feel voiceless. They are tired of bringing their own folding chairs to the table, and it is time that they have a seat and a voice. Representation matters. I want to bring a voice to the voiceless and most vulnerable in our community to that table and show up for all members of our community.

The Roadmap to the Future

With the immense growth that Boise and the Treasure Valley are facing, there are major issues that need attention. I plan to help fix the housing situation in Boise. This means talking about all housing situations, including those who do not have housing, which our city has pushed to the wayside for far too long. We need affordable housing in our community, and we have plans to help fix housing here in Boise. Another major issue that we are facing is transit. We can and we must fix our transit in this city by making it more innovative and efficient. As a Millennial, I was raised in the era of technology, which I want to use as we move forward with fixing our transit issues. As a person in leadership for a national organization composed of young people, I have also seen what works and what does not in cities all over this country, and I'm ready to bring new ideas to the table, and work to make our city better.

Join Our Team Today!

Boise is in a unique situation right now with the immense growth that we are facing. The only question is: what are we going to do to take our city forward and lay the groundwork for success in future generations, as well as for those who currently live in the City of Trees? I have a vision for this community to move from only aiming to be the "most livable city in America," to something greater. I want to see this city become the most diverse, most small job-friendly, most innovative, most housing friendly, and so many other phenomenal things I know we can be. This vision is inclusive and full of opportunities, just as I want our city to be. I know that with help from you all, we can break the lavender ceiling this year and make history for our state, as well as bring our vision to Boise, setting the stage for the rest of the country! Join us today, and together, Boise can be its best!