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Philip Arbuckle

Office: City Council, Ward 1
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2023
City: Olathe
State: Kansas

As a longtime resident, homeowner, and parent of two boys, I value the feeling of community in Olathe. My sons have benefited from the school system.

My first responsibility is to my neighbors in Ward 1. Elected officials represent the voters. I want to understand what is on your mind. Taxes are a concern to many. Our tax dollars need to cover a variety of city services. Costs continue to rise. Where will that money come from? Managing budgets, finding new ways to fund services and developing a new sensitivity to tax issues are important for city government. Let's make sure that the total impact of a decision is fully considered and that the right opportunities are captured.

Together, let's work to help Olathe thrive while keeping that special feeling that makes this community a large family.