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Anthony Oxendine

Office: Mayor
Party Affiliation: Democratic
Next Election: 2022
City: Louisville
State: Kentucky

I’m Anthony Oxendine, currently the owner of the Spring Valley Funeral Home, and I am seeking to be the next mayor of Louisville. I grew up in rural eastern Kentucky and came to this area to make a change and that is what I’m doing. My job is not only burying the dead but finding a way to breathe life back in to our community in the face of tragedy.

My plan is to focus on restructuring the LMPD, creating more community centers, bringing jobs back to the Metro area, addressing homelessness and getting a hand on the homicides here within the city of Louisville. I believe that poverty is at the root of much our city's problems which is why opportunity and education are the quickest way to equality. I also would like to work on revitalizing our older buildings downtown with a focus on damaged and boarded up houses.

In order to bring real change to our city, we are going to have to restructure every department that we have. Transparency, efficiency, and compassion will be the core values I bring to our government. It will be an adjustment making the switch from Funeral director to Mayor, but I want the community to know that I will be fully committed to all current and future responsibilities.

It's time for us all to come together as one city under a banner of empathy and guarantee equal opportunity for everyone!