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Donald R. Jones

Office: Jefferson Parish Council District 3
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Marrero
State: Louisiana

Dear Friend,
I have enjoyed seeing you in Home Depot, Wal Mart and at many social events over the years. So many of you have asked where I have been over the years? Well I have been evangelizing and spreading the Good News. After thoughtful prayer, meditation and discussion with my family and friends, and with their encouragement I have decided that Public Service and the ability to help people still rest in my heart. The wisdom knowledge and Understanding that the Lord has blessed me to obtain over the past twenty-five (25) years is an asset that can and should be used to assist the general public.
You deserve a government that works for you and your family. Our government should be an asset to your family, not just the well-connected and powerful. Your government should be user friendly and accessible to the average person. Government should assist you in obtaining your version of the America Dream. That is why I have decided to get back in the political arena. I want to ensure that you have access to a government that works for you. You have honored me with your vote on three (3) prior occasions; I am now asking that you bestow the trust and honor upon me once again. I want to assist you and your family to obtain the best quality of life possible.


* Economic Development: Help to Create high paying jobs, provide incentives for business to relocate in Jefferson and retrain workers.

* Expand Opportunity Zones

* Support a minimum working wage

* Work to create a quality and affordable health care system, repair Medicaid & Medicare.

* Support laws that allow low cost drugs to be re-imported from Canada and Europe.

* Enhance Academic Performance of student/provide pay raises for teachers who are certified and willing to pass performance testing.

* Expansion of Housing & Senior Citizen Programs.

* Provide transparency in government

* Support Constitutional Amendment that allows prayer in school.

* Support Constitutional Amendment to allow Ten Commandments to be displayed in public offices.

* Pass laws to improve law enforcement and put more police on the streets. Encourage community policing.

*Expansion and completion of West Jefferson Hurricane Protection Levee.