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Scott Sigur

Office: Republican Executive Committee District 4 in Jefferson Parish
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Kenner
State: Louisiana

I am officially announcing my candidacy for Republican Executive Committee District 4 of Jefferson Parish. On Wednesday, 1/8/2020, I signed the paperwork and qualified for my first elected position. This is an exciting time for my family, and something I have been preparing for throughout the past few years. As a current Junior in college pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration, I am confident my education and prior public service experience will qualify me as an excellent addition to the Republican Executive Committee.

As a member of the Republican Executive Committee, part of my duties will be to represent Jefferson Parish District 4 constituents and help recommend the best Republican candidates for local and state elected positions. I take this responsibility seriously and plan to use the skills I have learned throughout my college courses to vet future Republican candidates properly.

District 4 encompasses approximately 75% of my hometown, City of Kenner, which I have resided in for 42 years and continue to raise my six children. Strong family roots and a love for local politics are the motivating factors on why I feel this position is so crucial for our communities' growth and future. This is not a paid elected position, so my incentive is purely to be actively involved in the local Republican party process.